I craft brand experiences with

words, images,

& strategy.

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driving awareness and

value for the brands

I represent.

I'm a born communicator who loves to watch the vision blossom. For a decade now, I've assisted brands with everything from brand and marketing strategy to the assets that deliver our intended goals.

I graduated with a Master's Degree from the University of Southern California in 2015 and have continued my education through the following programs: Conscious Impact 2.0 with Be Conscious PR and the Social Selling Academy with Kristen Boss.

Elevate a brand's story

and value through sharp,

well-researched copy,

images, and strategy

› method

My comprehensive approach to brand and marketing strategy enables my clients to show up authentically, elevating their value proposition to stand out among competitors.

Alongside me, my clients have developed meaningful customer relationships and lasting communication within their communities, allowing brand and business to shine.

› goal

generate interest

and potential customers

for my clients

Nanke Signature Group
Services Rendered:
- Marketing & Brand Strategy
- Content Creation
- Copywriting
- Photography
- Email Marketing
- Print Ads
BEND Hot Yoga Studios
Services Rendered:
- Marketing Strategy
- Content Creation
- Copywriting
- Photography
- Email Marketing
BPedal Spin Studio
Services Rendered:
- Brand Strategy
- Content Creation
- Copywriting
- Digital Ads
- Photography
Bella Vita Healthcare
Services Rendered:
- Marketing Strategy
- Content Creation
- Copywriting
- Photography
- Digital & Print Ads

what clients say.

Meghan is highly professional and creative.
She is exceptionally knowledgeable in various fields of business, including positioning and growing start-ups and existing businesses. As an owner and investor in several companies for more than 40 years, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

John Nanke, Nanke Signature Group

Meghan has been the ultimate dream to work with! I’ve been working exclusively with her since I have been managing the studios. She has done all of our marketing on social media and so much more! She is fabulous with her communication and always makes our company feel of top priority. I have appreciated all of her hard work, professionalism and dedication to our BEND family. 

Cayla Cahill, BEND Hot Yoga Studios

Meghan immediately made me feel comfortable and was asking great questions that helped me realize what I needed and how she could help. She was genuinely interested in helping me arrive at exactly the solution I was looking for. She was so accommodating and personable and continues to be! I handed Meghan and her team a bunch of snippets of information and some general ideas of what I thought I wanted and they gave me content that tells you who I am and what my business is. She is great to work with!

Chris Rangel, SCP Systems Inc.
What does your process look like, and how do we begin working with you?

Firstly, I will gather all of the information I need to provide the best solution for you. I will do this with you during an introductory session (15 minutes) over Zoom video conferencing or phone. Throughout this time, we will get to know one another and your business and marketing objectives.

From there via email, I will define what our next steps look like. This could be in the form of a rebrand, where I work on developing or clarifying your value proposition. It could also be my creation and execution of a new marketing strategy that encompasses content for social media, paid digital and print ads, email marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

My fee is on a retainer basis and monthly after our first 30 days of working together. For my marketing clients, I require a 6-month commitment with me for results to begin to take shape.

I charge hourly for any copywriting, photography, or ghostwriting projects that don't call for a monthly contract.

Why should I invest in how I present my business through social media, print media, and email?

Having a compelling presence online and otherwise is crucial for many of today’s consumers. It initiates trust and indicates that you have a genuine interest in your customer. Customers care deeply about making a real connection with your business, and you are humanizing your brand by having a clear-cut strategy around how it looks and sounds.  

Imagine the look of old, outdated, or broken signage outside of your business. Would you question the business’s integrity or if the business was gone for good?

I think you know the answer to that question. I’m here to help you build awareness, credibility, and a platform for you to communicate with your customers so they’re never left wondering.

Do you offer website design?

Yes, I do. Together, we will review your website needs (informational, landing page, or eCommerce functionality) and come to a decision on whether I can assist or if we will need to hire an outside developer. 

For websites needing outside development, I require that I lead the design of the website project for any of my monthly marketing strategy/management clients. This maximizes our marketing effectiveness as I will be working on sending traffic/customers to your website, and the website must be optimized for user experience.


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